Welcome to a world of magic

"The world Gaia is struck by upheaval. After the 4th Order of Arcadia has been almost completely destroyed , the Order’s judges sent Promoters to all parts of Gaia in order to determine the cause. An intensified force, called the 5th Order, is trying to fight the established structures of Gaia. Ipsae, Gaia’s supreme goddess, seems to not be able to provide the judges with Oceanus’ magic energy anymore.
Oceanus, the worldstream which surrounds Gaia, seems to be safe so far, according to the Promoters’ report.
The 4th order’s judges entertain suspicion that something horrific happened to Ipsae.
Meanwhile the judges built black monoliths to police the increasing threat of magic creatures. The judges' sent promoters who are supported by their servants, good-natured magic creatures, are supposed to repel the dark force and find the reason of goddess Ipsae’s disappearance.

Solely due to the promoters and their servants, it is in question whether Gaia can be restored to its peaceful state."




The Legend of Ipsae uses the typical round-based fight system. Use magical or physical attacks against members of the 5th Order or against randomly occurring magical creatures. 

Servants can use their elemental magical skills like fire and nature. Promoters can  use physical skills for damage and magical skills for healing and status changes.

Magical skills require MP and physical skills require TP.

During your journey your characters level up and learn further skills.

Promoters & Servants

Every Order of Gaia trains and educates their own Promoters fight for justice against evil. Promoters move up the ranks by completing Side Quests. Every Promoter summons a Servant to attend to their needs.Servants are the summoners of Oceanus’ power. They possess one primary element. These are Water, Ice, Fire, Nature, Light, Darkness and Stone.

Servants have some latitude, but they are subservient 

to the Promoter they align with. Without being tethered 

to a Promoter a Servant can’t exists independently.


Meet the people of Gaia & fulfil Quests

 Accept quests along your path. Talk to the inhabitants of Verdona, Terda, Merodium and Arcadia to get mandated for quest. Fulfil these quest to get rewarded with special items and Sphere, the in-game currency.

In addition to these item rewards you will receive Promoter points (PMT-Points). These points must be redeemed at a court. If you have reached a certain amount of redeemed PMT-Points you will reach a higher PMT-Rank. Every Sanctuary requires a proper PMT-Rank to be entered.

Crafting & Items

The World of Gaia has three kinds of items

currently available.Consumable, Armor and crafting.

Consumable items are potions, food or items that improve one’s health and status. Armor items are shields, weapons and Eridium crystals.

Crafting items can be used to produce new items such as potions. Crafting items are usually free of charge and can be found in every region of Gaia. Crafting items are a cost-efficient alternative to shops.

Supreme Goddess Ipsae & the Judges of Gaia

The world of Gaia is subdivided into 4 Orders. All Orders are guarded and controlled by a Judge. The Supreme Goddess Ipsae appointed the Judges for their lifetime. The highest goal of every Promoter is to ultimately be one of the Judges. There is little known about the genesis of Supreme Goddess Ipsae. The sage historians believe that Supreme Goddess Ipsae was created by her Godfather Ashizka, from the magic tides of Oceanus. She now protects and nurtures the citizens of Gaia, keeping watch lest dark magic should threaten Gaia.

The World of Gaia & the four Orders

The magic waters of Oceanus surround the world of Gaia. 

These waters give life and energy to Supreme Goddess Ipsae 

and all she protects. Servants come from the depths of Oceanus and possess substantial amounts of magic Oceanus energy(OC).

The 4 Orders of Gaia are Verdona (forest), Terda (desert), Merodium (snowy mountains) and Arcadia (tropical).

Guardians & Sanctuaries

After Arcadia Sanctuary was destroyed, only three 

Sanctuaries exist. These Sanctuaries are protected by Guardians, who nurture all animal, human and plant life.


The Guardians inspect Promoter strength. 

If a Promoter proves his strength to a Guardian, 

the Promoter receives more strenght. 


The 5th Order

There is little knowledge about this arising dark magic force. For sure the 5th Order is the reason the 4th Order of Arcadia got almost completely destroyed.

It is up to you to discover the circumstances and reasons ...