Welcome to the World of Gaia

"The world Gaia is struck by upheaval. After the 4th Order of Arcadia has been almost completely destroyed , the Order’s judges sent Promoters to all parts of Gaia in order to determine the cause. An intensified force, called the 5th Order, is trying to fight the established structures of Gaia. Ipsae, Gaia’s supreme goddess, seems to not be able to provide the judges with Oceanus’ magic energy anymore.
Oceanus, the worldstream which surrounds Gaia, seems to be safe so far, according to the Promoters’ report.
The 4th order’s judges entertain suspicion that something horrific happened to Ipsae.
Meanwhile the judges built black monoliths to police the increasing threat of magic creatures. The judges' sent promoters who are supported by their servants, good-natured magic creatures, are supposed to repel the dark force and find the reason of goddess Ipsae’s disappearance.

Solely due to the promoters and their servants, it is in question whether Gaia can be restored to its peaceful state."



LoG is a typical RPG game in which the player has to take up the role of young hero Vaun who has to save the world from the strengthening 5th Order. 


The four existing Orders of Gaia are guarded by the judges. These judges have been announced from the supreme goddess called Ipsae in order to maintain peace. After Arcadia, the 4th Order, has been the victim of a malicious attack, Judges are sending out Promoters into the world in order to find out the reason. 

First Impression video by Driftwood Gaming (1st Beta)

Spectacled Bear Games (sbeargames)

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