LoG - Judges, Quests & PMT System


The world of Gaia is subdivided into 4 Orders and every single one of these Orders is guarded and controlled by a judge. The goddess announced the judges for lifetime. The highest goal of every Promoter is being chosen to be one of the Order’s judges at some point.


Promoter (PMT)

Every Order of Gaia is training and educating their own Promoters. They fight against the evil and for justice. Promoters can rank-up by completing tasks. Every Promoter is provided with a Servant by conjuration.


PMT Rank & Side Quests

Every Promoter’s rank (PMT Rank) depends on their experiences which he gained due to finishing Side Quests.

Certain places, such as the Sanctuaries, can only be visited by Promoters with a specific rank.

Side Quests are mandated by the Order’s courts. Here the Promoters can accept and finish the commissions. In case the Promoter is successful he does not only get special items but also rank points. As soon as enough rank points are reached, the Promoter will get ranked-up. The Promoter’s rank also influences his armor items.

Rank points can be accessed at the Lobby of every court.


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