LoG - Sanctuaries & Oceanus


After the Arcadia sanctuary has been destroyed, only three sanctuaries still exist. These sanctuaries inhabit the guardians and nurture every animal, human and plant with lifeenergy. The guardians also check the promoter’s strength. In case a promoter proves himself to a guardian, he receives a magic splinter. These magic splinters can be used to produce Eridium armor and they give the promoters an incredible strength as well.  




The magic worldstream Oceanus surrounds the world of Gaia. Goddess Ipsae as well as every animal and every plant carry the energy of the Oceanus within them. Servants are summoned from the most inner part of the Oceanus and concentrate an enormous amount of magic Oceanusenergy(OC)



The Oceanus Connection (OC) is denoting the connection between a Servant and his origin the Oceanus. OC items are armor items which influence the defence and offence of a Servant. OC Armors, Powers and Shields also rank up accordingly with the achievement of certain levels. 


OC can be equipped with Eridium crystals. This equipment is directly influencing the offence- and defence-merits of the Servants.  


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