We are currently updating our latest build with mfi game controller support and a graphical user interface. 

Therefor it is no build available now. New beta invites will be process as soon as new build is ready.



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How it works:

It´s completely free and without any restrictions.

The beta version features the complete game, including all functionalities and graphics, and provides hours of gameplay. With this beta version, we want to balance the battle system.


The beta version is available for all iOS users (iPhone & iPad).

To test the beta, you will need TestFlight, a very own apple app, you'll need to receive an invitation from us and have a device that you can use to test.


It´s easy!

To send invitations we´ll need a valid e-mail address.


So …. How do I proceed?


  1. Use the sign-up form on our website
  2. Wait for your invitation
  3. Download the TestFlight App and download within this app our latest beta


We can add up to 10.000 test users, so there´s basically a spot for everyone.


Please help us to make this game great and enjoy the beautiful world of Gaia.