03. September 2017
Sanctuaries inhabit the guardians and nurture every animal, human and plant with lifeenergy. The magic worldstream Oceanus surrounds the world of Gaia. The Oceanus Connection (OC) is denoting the connection between a Servant and his origin the Oceanus.

03. September 2017
The world of Gaia is subdivided into 4 Orders and every single one of these Orders is guarded and controlled by a judge. Every Order of Gaia is training and educating their own Promoters. Every Promoter’s rank (PMT Rank) depends on their experiences which he gained due to finishing Side Quests.

03. September 2017
The world of Gaia has been surrounded from the magic energy of the Oceanus thousands of years ago. Goddess Ipsae formed Gaia by combining a sand grain and magic energy. She added water from a teardrop of affection, all animals and plants life were aspirated with devotion.

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