Spectacled Bear Games is a young indie game studio formed by Phil and Jess situated in Bielefeld in Germany. We have  worked on “The Legend of Ipsae” for two years. “The Legend of Ipsae” is our first RPG for iOS. The game will also be released for PC and MAC in January 2019.

Titel: The Legend of Ipsae - The Awakening of the 5th Order

Developer: Phil E. & Jess M.

Genre: Fantasy RPG

Publisher: Spectacled Bear Games    

Original Soundtrack: Marcel Schweder                  

Platforms: iOS , PC & MAC (early 2019)

Restricted use. For press related use/ promotion only.

incl. Press Release, Screenshots (5,5" & 6,5") & banner
Press Kit - Legend Of Gaia.zip
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AppStore app previews.zip
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